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Vincent Fusca at Trump Rally in Erie, PA – Is JFK Jr Trump’s Magic Wand?

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Video Title: Vincent Fusca at Trump Rally in Erie, PA – Is JFK Jr Trump’s Magic Wand?

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  1. Hi Jennifer It was great meeting you at Plano during Curry Blake DHT I hope we meet again at some Gideon’s Gathering soon! Wanted to let you know I found out on 3/1 that Vincent Fusca is running for PA U.S. Senator! In fact I helped collect signatures to get him on the Primary Ballot a son as I heard. I found out while attending a Visitation for Matthew Perna a wonderful Patriot that had been falsley accused and awaiting sentencing for Jan 6 2020 Please read his obituary. This was a beautiful young man making a huge difference in this world. We really need to do something for these Patriots who are being treated so horribly in the DC Hell Hole they call a jail! It’s sadly too late for Mathew even though the family reached out to Rep Mike Kelly who neve responded as well a President Trump. No response. Anyway, Vincent Fusca took time to drive up to Sharon from Pittsburgh area for Matthew’s Visitation. He pinned an Ameican flag on Matthew as well as Uncles and Father. I posted Vincent’s Website link below for you. Again it was wonderful having the opportunity to meet you. I still think you should had gone and let us by you lunch those days we were there Definitely next time…please. God bless you, Jennifer!
    Shellie (Shelliebelly)


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