John McAfee, May I Be BLUNT? LARP OR REEL?

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  1. The white horse as well is in revelations..
    ” Behold the white horse.. the man who sat on him was death and hell followed with him”..

  2. The intro song is the best “end of the day” whimsical notes of: no matter what…everything’s gonna be alright

  3. It is in my nature to want him to be alive. He knew he was a target and is smart enough to avoid being killed, therefore, he is alive. Who is posting all of the content? He is, and he’s laughing at us, harder now than in the past. BTW, Check Q post 144. He is a white hat and a distraction, but perhaps the primer for the white hat MOAB. We will see. Only McAfee knows for sure.

  4. keep dragging the truth into light and the subsequent lies will evaporate like a stale fart in a brisk wind.

    Keep up the good work Jennifer.


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