Bloody Hill

Juan O’savin

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  1. Hey There, I will do my part to help wherever I can. I can be a social warrior for you. How come no posts in 2022?

    1. Extraordinary video. Thank you and Happy Resurrection day. Learning this new dimension of the Lamb conquering the serpent is a holy gift today.

    2. Delbirdy, checkout Nino’s video channel here on 107 Daily. Juan and David have several interviews in 2022.

  2. No hate please. Is John Fitzgerald Kennedy the messiah? Idk the Bible & until about two weeks ago, I knew nothing about the Kennedy family. I went to church for the first time in over 30 years 2 months ago. I woke up in the middle of the night & within 15 minutes was completely overwhelmed with these thoughts. Those thoughts were about the messiah & some of his apostles. I’ve done quite a bit of research since and discovered the parallels between JFKjr & Jesus Christ. I think I am the last person any of this would come to but it did & I can’t get it out of my mind now.
    I also have a new corvette on order that’s supposed to be here in a couple months. That’s something else I didn’t know until I found this website.
    Thank you for your time & everything your doing for my family & I. Jaylynn

    1. Pastor Arnold Murray of the Shepherds Chapel teaches God’s word chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Will help a new student tremendously. Aligns with Juan’s teaching of biblical events.

      1. I truly thank God for Pastor Arnold Murray. I am very weary of what’s taught out there in regard to scripture. This man truly has the gift of wisdom in understanding Gods word. Everything is confirmed by scripture itself. He teaches the “meat” when so many churches just give the “milk”. I look forward to thanking him personally someday.

    2. There is only One Messiah, the Son of God. When He someday returns, you will not have to wonder if that is God. Everyone will know.

  3. What’s up with the F bombs in your videos?! While we all are guilty of using profanity in private conversations, especially when angry, it only serves to denigrate your reputation when used in a video made for the public – a public which you are repeatedly urging to “pick a lane”. It seems contradictory to use crude language while at the same time, purporting to be in alignment with God Almighty. In this day of extreme deceptive infiltration in every facet of society, that kind of contradiction becomes a red flag.

    1. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. Using the F bomb doesnt negate someone being a Christian. Grow up! Listen and learn about what is being said. Besides…who said you cant cuss? Some Pastor at a for profit church who wants to scare you into tithing and keep you a mental slave?

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for everything you do and the info you share. Nov 2021 Iordered the 10 pack of your book KID BY the SIDE OF THE ROAD ( with signed copy) from gumroad publications.
    I have not received yet, I was told my order was processing on Feb 11…is this the wrong site to order your books?

  5. March Madness = #1 Feasts of Purim (2days) ,#2 Ides of March [assassination of Julius Caesar N.W.O. Kharians Banksters] #3 St. Patrick Day[ expunging of Ireland (the whole earth) of the Serpents/ snake] #God Always Wins #Trust the victorious Plans of God/ Trump/Alliance! #wwgJUANwgaww

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  7. Love all your broadcasts and interviews. We know God wins but it’s so encouraging to hear your perspective. God bless Juan and keep it coming!

  8. Father God thank you that Your Word tells us multiple times that You hear our cries. And not only do you hear, but you respond with grace even before we speak the words. Come in Your comforting presence, that my new friend, Juan O Savin know your peace, joy, and love. Loving Father, my friend Juan is grieving today. I ask that Your steadfast love prove true to him. Please help him know that You are with him. Take away his dismay. Give him strength and help during this difficult time and in the midst of the pain of grief. Surround him with your Spirit of peace and comfort. Thank you Father for Your love, mercy, and Your grace. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

  9. magnificent put up, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite specialists of this sector do not notice this. You must continue your writing. I am confident, you have a great readers’ base already!

  10. Is-Ra-El? A rhetorical question? The adversaries play on words? Or, the backside of the Most High, because if he looked upon us we would die?
    The death of the Black Feathered Serpent, and the birth of the White Feathered Serpent America is to meant to be.
    America in the Native tongue was Ameruka, meaning feathered serpent. The Mayans and the Aztec both worshipped that black serpent. They sacrificed human beings to their god, and their chief would take a bite of the hearts of those sacrifices.
    Ra, the Egyptian god of the underworld, or in other words, death, hell, and the grave. This is the adversaries version or word play.
    When sin entered the world, confusion of words entered with it. The flip-side is Ar. We Ar(e) the apple of His eye. We, as children of The Most High Creator of all, Are; We are; we exist.
    He created us in His image. God is Spirit, no one has seen the Father except The One that He sent. So, what image? We are created in the image of His Name. The Name above all names. The Tetragrammaton; the Name consists of four letters.
    YOU are created in His image, do not bring His Name to naught by worshipping falsely.
    The Church fathers have done exactly that.
    The Holy Spirit (from the Greek), is the spirit of the church, teaching lies from the pulpit. They have profaned the Name of The Set-Apart Spirit of The Most High.
    Messiah said to Peter, ” You can profane the Name of the Father, and you can profane The Name of The Son, but DO NOT profane The Name of The Set Apart Spirit. The Ruach Ha Kodesh. All of Christianity has done this. Now America is paying for it. Now He is punishing those He loves, and forsaking those that do not Repent for their false worship.
    The Ceasers would have you believe Saturn is Satan, I beg to differ. Shabbatei has the same root as Shabbat, or Sabbath in English. The Most High created everything in Six days, on the Seventh day He RESTED.
    THAT IS WHEN THE ENEMY PLANTED AN EVIL SEED IN THE GARDE, while The Father of creation was resting. Without Shabbat(ei) we have NO REST!
    Messiah is ruler of Shabbat(ei).
    If you want to follow the way of the Nicolaitans, that is your free will to do so. For myself I chose The Set-Apart Spirit, so I can be set apart unto The Most High Father of creation.
    I have lot’s of knowledge, but I have not met anyone that wants to hear it, especially those in the church.
    Theology 101 teaches there has been at least 25 other Christ’s. All of them are Sun gods; Horus, Tammuz, Apollo, Nimrod, etc.
    To be a theologian does NOT mean you know Him. Sun-day worshippers don’t know Him.
    He resurrected just before twilight on The Sabbath Day. No one saw Him until after the Sabbath was over. He died on what we call Wednesday, and was resurrected 72 hours later. That particular Wednesday was a High Sabbath, called Passover.
    The Christian celebrates the death and resurrection of the Sun, not The Son.
    As far as turning around the curses? Take the eye of ra out of Ham; take the eye of ra out of him. Turn it around and stand in The Light of Ar, because We Ar(e) and The AL Mighty is The ONE. The strong Ar(m) that was the ra(m).
    Everything the enemy did in 5500 years turns to smithereens real quick.
    Instead of looking at the cross, or worshipping the cross, get on your cross and break the spell the enemy has over you. Just know that you may lose everything for His Name sake. Heart ache, yes. Regrets? None.
    By the way, I am here to crush the serpents heads.
    “Don’t tread on me” ?
    Oh I Will tread! The seed of the woman, Eve, does crush the serpents heads.
    I fear no man, or what they can do to me, for YHUH is with me always and Forever. Amein and AleiluYAH!

    We Are The Family

  11. Wow. That’s it – in a nutshell. Thanks, John. So appreciated. Hope to possibly meet you someday. It’s been a rocky road. God Speed, Sir.

  12. Thankful for truth to be shared, god bless … up here in Canada praying and truthing, ready to arm with info and god’s love. Here to be part of the solution. God Speed and God Bless.

  13. Dear 107,
    You have provided us SO much Bible insight these last few years; thank you for sharing the richness of the Word that you have learned.
    When I read the Bible now, I see so many more connections, and I cross-reference the verses to better understand bloodlines and circumstantial details that I used to gloss over.
    Because I didn’t understand them before.
    So many of us love you.
    You and the Q team have led us to know God deeper.
    Your video on Resurrection of the American Conversation 2022 allows us to see why God said “life is in the blood.”
    When we are in Christ’s blood, we are sealed unto eternity with God. But, without God’s sacrificial blood of the Lamb that was slain, we are separated and condemned forever.
    May God lead you every day. May Jesus be your mainstay.
    Much love to JFK!

  14. Question…… Have been listening to your videos talking about Easter and the way our Christian holidays are satanic. What are your thoughts about communion? Is it a satanic ritual? This has been on my mind for awhile. Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom.. Greatly appreciate your stories. Love and Blessings.

  15. excellent post, very informative. I ponder why the opposite experts of this sector don’t understand this. You should proceed your writing. I am confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

  16. Juan, when I first heard but a mere murmur of your adventure, round 2015 if I recall correctly, via Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot. I thought it was just wishful thinking on behalf of your die hard fans. But as the momentum grew by 2018 I was convinced and very glad if not elated.

    I remember well when I heard the news that the son had also slipped away,
    It left a frog deep in my throat, I thought the cabal had won again,
    Now I know two decades later that Pepe was that frogs name,
    Saw a Devo documentary how prophetic were their songs,
    Yet in addition to their disdain of Trump and the patriotic movement
    Their rendition of “Come Back Jonee,’ twenty two years prior
    Came true another Seventeen years later,
    Heralding the beginning of their deceivers demise,
    It’s the Love of Liberty that brought forth Hope & Faiths Godsent,
    Lest we forget; indeed, “Lest We Forget”

    I’ve no doubt that we’re about to embark upon these most perilous of times. In 2010 I was inspired to apply my accumulated knowledge of Scripture, Prophecy, the Occult, Science, Politics and History to attempt the one thing todays apostate church mostly despises,
    which is the Interpretation of the time of the Great Tribulation.

    I posted my findings at a now defunct website known as the BibleWheel Forum which only recently was taken down by the creator Richard Amiel McGeogh. As expected my adversaries chastised me, quoting dribble while stating what a crafty fellow I was to choose a date 17 years in the future, chiding that is wasn’t too soon for me to be proven wrong yet not to far away as to still have some credibility yet not within a time frame that they would be around to prove me wrong. Yes their sedition was seethingly strong to put it mildly.

    Now I’d only revealed what what I had discovered, yet the very subject brought forth a such a scathing retort that it was not just reminiscent but remarkably identical to the whole genre of Cabalian (Establishment, Freemasonic, Deep State, Secret Society, Mystery Schooled) Counterspeak, i.e. they sounded like Lefty Solinskyists.
    Well that was my first encounter of being thrown headlong into the frypan with a group of the most brainwashed unforgiving, unrelentless of the Wayfa(i)r Left.

    By 2017 I revisited the site and extrapolated on my previous post while also introducing the clearparty political system I’d been contemplating since 1990 and published in 2015. Now I’d never been a fan of politics and prior to 2016 was somewhat estranged to the whole US political juggernaut. Here in Australia we like really couldn’t give a shit. Life was good, we stayed complacent so long as we were left alone. Most realised both Left and Right were two sides of the same coin and nothing would ever change that.
    Well that was then. However an Inventor such as myself knew that I could never bring forward what I had discovered unless this Beast of a System was taken out, lock stock and barrel. Now back at the BibleWheel Forum attitudes had changed, not a single retort nor rebuke was posted. I’d finally pricked or pierced those ears that were previously so arrogantly and wilfully stopped and cupped by their own hands while screaming obscenities on the hope that my logic would somehow be drowned out and just magically disappear.
    Now thousands of people were reading my post, which you John know very well how
    “Patience Proves (Most) Provident” The Goal was that the only way to deal with a wayward world is to Persist. Indeed it’s the key to all success which we all know very well.

    Therefore the key to Removing the Beast is the total re education of the common man with the unbiased truth and Full Disclosure On All Issues for those who wish to know.

    Come 2019 my spirit was finally goaded to join the frontline of the Disclosure Movement. I’d decided to bite the bullet and release my Last book First. No Holds barred. I would speak from the heart the whole Truth as best interpreted by me and on the 29th of February 2020, after 33 years of the most painful suppression any child of God should bear, I released, “MYSTERY 17:
    The Return of
    Jesus Christ & Revelation
    of Daniel’s 70th Week Prophecy”

    To my bothers and sisters in Christ, please go to my third website:
    and read the 2017, 8 page condensed version of ‘Mystery 17’ for free
    Then if it interests you or you find any merit in what was compiled email me at:
    [email protected]
    Subject: Mystery 17
    Write: Could you please send me your file.
    (Your Preferred Name)
    and I will send you the latest 100 page edition via attachments, Totally Raw & Unedited in 3 different formats full of expletives, rants, rebukes, revelations and solutions for no cost at all, yes free.

    For the Die Hards and Collectors send me a photo of you holding a copy of ‘Kid by the Side of the Road’ and I’ll send you a signed First Edition of ‘Mystery 17’ at cost ($7.77USD + Airfreight)

    Juan, if you please, could you or one of your moderators email me a postal address that I may send you a signed hard copy if you wish or just email that I may send you the file.
    There are some missing links revealed within the text that I have discovered which I am absolutely sure that any man or woman interested in Gematria, Cutting Edge Science, Prophecy or Political Reform would want to read. I understand you may have Protocols in place as to not receive anything from the unvetted (Unfettered in my case), therefore the book is also available via Amazon or Xlibris my scoundrel publishers whom have only sold one copy over the past 18 months (or so they say) which was to be expected anyway.

    Could you also, if it pleases you, send a copy to President Donald J Trump. I’m equally as sure that this will interest him as much as it will interest you.
    There is much I would like to discuss with the two of you in person, in fact I’d have given my left nut for that opportunity if it wasn’t a sin. However I am hopeful this may come about in the near future.

    If anyone here is interested to publish, sell or distribute my book then by all means lets chat. I’ve already stuck my neck out thus far, I’m All In!
    Watch this:

    Finally to the moderator, I apologise for the long post it has been an imperative mission of mine to make communication with both Juan and the President over the past 7 years.
    I’m a desperate man but will not stoop to worldly measures to achieve this goal, (i.e. never by hook nor crook. As crass as I may be at times I will not bow to the bribe nor play their game) our time on this Earth is both too fleeting and precious to be absconded by the moronic deceived.

    It is my hope that Juan will read this message in it’s entirety. I will not be offended in any way should you choose to edit out or delete any part or all of this post from this site.
    Thank you for your audience,
    May the Sovereign Lord God bless and protect you all,
    in the name of Jesus I pray,
    so be it, amen.

    Michael Banjanin
    CEO GOOD Theory Group

    Physics: . . . making sense out of chaos!
    Politics: . . . Get !nvolved & Evolve!
    Prophecy: . . . I am no mans slave, I choose to serve!


    You may delete this:
    Private Message for Juan O Savin
    PS John, I managed to send my book file to an ol mate of yours, Sean David Morten,
    why don’t u givim a call, ask him what he really thought of the book. Getting decent constructive criticism from anyone is near bloody impossible. Hope his book does well.
    I also managed to get hard copies out to Steve Quayle, his son Tyler and Doug Hagman
    but haven’t followed up as of yet.
    As you know there’s not a lot of people in this world who are into this kinda stuff let alone understand what the fck I’ve put together. Your one of the very few along with guys like Johnny McAfee, now theres a bloke I’d have loved to have had a beer and spliff with, I just hope he’s still alive, I could imagine pissin my self in laughter in that kinda company.
    You and I have both been robbed only from opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m glad for your sake, that you can actually see the end of this race, you’ve earnt it. Strangely enough, though I wrote my one and only book on prophecy, not once did I mention the lucid vision I had seeing God and Jesus and hearing Holy Spirit or the countless dreams I’ve had of comets and large planetary objects and Tribulation, UFO wars alien creatures and shit. I was about 5 years old when they started. Im 57 now and burn’t out. After 52 years of being this outcaste, it takes it’s friggin toll. Yeah I get some solace at times, this is one of those moments. Where I can imagine for one moment I could connect with at least one cunt who can understand what the hell its like to have foresight and do Sweet FA about it while being opposed by every one you know. Yet we soldier on. Your interview with Joey was encouraging for him. He’s got good energy about him. As you may recall we say [up] here, “Well spotted Bruce.”
    Your doing a really good job mate, yeah u fuck up on the Bible narrative at times . . . but you make up on your presentation, the voice and demeanour work well, even my wife can handle listening to you when I want to catch up on the latest before I nod off in bed.

    She normally goes to sleep listening to Owen Benjamin or watches My Self Reliance with Sean James. Im more intense playing Info Wars or a Trump Rally thus bed time is restricted to the crooners, Doug Hagman, David Knight or yourself. Horses for courses.
    I’ll finish on this, Though Tom Horn and the Like are predicting 2030 as the nearing finale the whole comet Apophis shit reeks of a Demonic false flag.
    My insight is December 2026. According to the Hebrew Calendar 5786, a very interesting number. Remember what you said about Red October, ram the fucker full steam ahead before it arms.
    2PS When you come across some highly savvy IT personnel lead them to my Science site.
    My Unified Table Theory has not been surpassed by any other Unified Theory since I published it in ’99, Yeah that was a synchronous year! We both went dark.
    Basically we can create SAI that can NEVER go Rogue. It will swallow the Internet and regurgitate it into something truely remarkable and beautiful at that and their stinky little Dark Matter Singularity will get chewed up and spat out the side of our Pluralities mouth. If they give you shit tell them I didn’t score 28 on Mensa by freakn chance,
    that I’m 7x removed from Tesla, that I worked out Over Unity in ’89 hydraulically, mechanically and electronically, that by “92 I worked out Inertia Propulsion – how to make a fckn pushbike take a man to the moon using nothing more than 1750’s Technology,
    yeah Springs Cogs Axels and Bloody Bearings, and that I countered their Hero Eulers Prime Sequence 6 fold. Just tell them to read my book.
    If still by that time they’re not licken their chops, fuckem off, they’re no good.

    I don’t have any time left for niceties, actually none of us do.
    Tribulation should begin mid next year.
    Just do yourself a favour and please read the book it’s only 100 pages.
    John, I want to save as many lives as possible.
    Remember this, First for the Jew, Then for the Gentile
    At least 5 Billion people will be murdered over the next 4 years, 6 months and counting down.
    I need to connect with the white hats.
    May God continue to bless and protect you and your family man,
    In the name of Jesus i pray,
    so be it, amen.
    Call me Anytime
    +61 431 441 144

  17. Hey Buddy. What a sweet ride that old GMC is. You better have it. If not, nah, you have it. Love you mang. You are the ghost that my racin friends used to call me. Now, Ghost Juan O’ cause I love my Momma, Savin us all, cause Dang. Love you and Thank you so much! Forever through Eternity.
    A lit Nino would agree!

  18. Please refute claim that Trump Tower is a temple to Baal; the architecture & masonic symbologies are compelling.

  19. Who is “Old (Saint) Nick”,

    Going to and fro,
    Winking with the eye,
    Sin City,
    And a dream of satanic rituals under one’s hotel suites.

    Strange things happening here.

    One is Apollyon
    One is a Robber and a thief
    One is Son of Zeus
    One is the Great Red Dragon

    All of it is Greek to Me

    CIA Clowns In Action
    Roman Catholic Head
    Wolves in Sheep’s clothing
    All of them are bad
    Jesuit trained Pastor’s
    Bashing babies heads
    Jesuit education system
    Masonic Mortar board worn on your head
    Magus, Maga, Magi, head of church of Satan
    Magi-strates have ruined this land.
    Justice judged
    Marked next
    Seal those seeking the Narrow path
    The robbed chase the hunters away
    Taking chance to a new level of tumult
    YHUH’s Set Apart Spirit poured out
    To some it is glorious
    To some it is His Wrath
    The Light becomes brighter
    Darkness to be exposed.

    Jacobs Trouble just ahead

    America has become the serpent on the pole, for everyone looks to America to save the world. The Dragons head on the West Coast, China the heart, Area of Finland spills it’s seed into Europe continuously. Mexico and South America, the tail. The ring of fire is where that dragon will end up. Along with the false Messiah and the false prophet. I say,

    Heavenly Father will take vengeance on those that sought vengeance without Him, and for the trickery they played on His only begotten daughter.

    Praise YHUH! In whose image we are made!

    Much love

  20. Crushing Serpents Heads

    A rattle snake on a flag
    Poisonous are they
    “Don’t tread on me”
    They say
    The seed of the woman
    Crushed the head of the poisonous serpents
    The U.S. Military heads and their draconian ways.
    Pentagram Pentagon
    Dangerous are they?
    They teach our son’s to play at the adder’s hole.
    Some of our son’s have even drank serpent blood.
    For what reason do they do this? I ask, I need to know.
    My son wanted to be a youth Pastor.
    He wanted to shepherd the lambs.
    He went to a Jesuit run College of The Nazarene.
    Theology 101 taught him there have been MANY Christ’s.
    I know only One that was born 9/11/3 BCE, all the others were born 12/25/?.
    Anyway, My son decided not to believe.
    His wife left him the year she joined the Navy. Then he went on to join the Army. He wanted to join the Marines, but he has a bad knee that prevented that.
    So, the U.S Army taught My son to worship Odin, the Norse god of war. They made a killer out of him so he could stand guard over oil.
    After three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and wounds in the groin from some radical that blew herself up, he went on to serve that god. Then it was a TBI that sent him home. Thank Go(o)d(ness) he is still alive.
    Not only that I am blessed to have a beautiful granddaughter with a name that means Morning Grace!
    Death has no sting anymore, because she is the tail of Scorpio. Her Daddy’s name means Justice Judged. How ’bout that!
    The God of all god’s, God the Father, and God the only begotten Son, be praised.
    However, My baby boy, who is this grown man now, needs a lot of prayer . I still hope he is a prodigal son to this day. I won’t give up hope, you see. I refuse to give up hope.
    Never, say never.
    I hope you all have a blessed and Wonder-filled day in The Name above all names,
    YHUH be praised, Glory to His Name. So be it according to your will Father in Heaven.

  21. Juan-

    First off love your interviews and your efforts in the battle to save this country! My brother Brad Starnes is running for State Rep in Kansas and looking for any way that you could help. He has been a life long supporter of conservative values and America First! – a person that truly walks the walk. He is a recently retired superintendent of schools and wants to get directly in the fight. The Kansas primary is in August. Any support or ideas to get his message out would be greatly appreciated.

    God bless you!
    Best regards,

  22. The Lamb

    An angle with a rainbow over his head; one foot in the sea, and the other foot on the land, had a book in his hand.
    The angle gave the book to John. He ate (read) it, and tasted (sounded) good, but it was bitter to his stomach (sour, nauseating to his soul, his spirit).

    John cried, why?
    Can anyone say, OMG?

    When suddenly a lamb with seven horns and seven eyes appeared before the throne.
    Someone had picked up their cross and walked through The Door. She was told she is the first to be saved, and the last to be redeemed. She has been the eyes and ears of The Most High for years.
    Who is She? You may ask.
    She is The Ruach Ha Kodesh (Set-Apart Spirit).
    She had the Holy Spirit until 1996, but the Greek house pierced her heart in a most wicked way.
    In 1999 when she heard about JFK Jr.’s plane crash, she prayed for him and his family and grieved his death.
    Life became a desert, a dry place with no life in it. Only harshness and loneliness. Begging God for a drink of water, that never came.
    In 2003 her husband died leaving her desolate. Widowed and thirsty, she asked for death, but The Father told her to read Jonah 2-4.

    The desert dryness did not stop until 2010 when she asked The Father for His true Name. The Name above all names was Heaven sent straight to her ears as she came awake. He sent her His Set-Apart Spirit to teach her and guide her along the Narrow path that leads to The Door. The Door leads to The Throne of Heavenly Father. On June 9-11, 2021 She picked up her cross and went through The Door.
    He was not concerned with the outside of her vessel, only the inside, which He loves with all of His heart.
    It is no longer I, but The Set-Apart Spirit that leads. I do not follow any other spirit, nor am I afraid of them. I do not follow man, for there is none that is righteous you see.

    I would love to meet the John that cried for me some day.

    Much Love to everyone,
    Mercy, Compassion, and Peace to all

  23. The Black Crow vs. The White Crow

    The Crow usually fly in large flocks. They are Omnivores, meaning they eat animals (such as small rodents), and plants, and are scavengers. They will also eat smaller birds, as well as eggs. They follow wolf packs for a easy meal.
    The White Crow will fly and feed alongside the black crow. The White Crow has albinoism, but not all have pink eyes.
    However, black crow avoid the white crow.
    They will flee their prey when the white crow comes near. In.flight, they try to steer clear of it at times.
    Seems to me, the black crow recognize the White Crow as some sort of Alpha. However, a crow is a crow is a crow. It’s color, or the lack thereof, does not change what it is, nor does it alter it’s diet.

    A black crow diving into a Great Northern Pine, attacked The Dove in Her Nest.

    A fight ensued, and The Dove fell to the ground.

    The crow robbed the nest of The Dove, and flew away with her featherless baby.

    The Dove rose up to spread Her wings and fly upward.

    No longer did she have a nest to protect,
    She moved on to build another.

    The Lone Dove with no one to stand beside Her.

    The Dove is The Set-Apart Spirit.

  24. … The Set-Apart Spirit of The Most High, Malek Zedek, King of Righteousness.

    The Black Crow is Father Time.

  25. Russell Jay Gould calls himself “Father Time”, “The One”, The I Am”.

    The White Crow is “The Republic”.

    The Set-Apart One wants no part of this.

    1. The documentary is receiving some late breaking edits and is now scheduled for release on 07/17/2022.

  26. What is Juan’s main page..Does he have an itinerary of all the shows he’s going to be on. I thought it would be here?

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  30. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized
    it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

  31. Namaskar Juan: Poking around the internet turning over bots to see what I can find and yet another site to contribute to and consume more goodies. BTW I got an invite to be at the rally tomorrow 9/24/22 in DC in support of the 1/6/ incarcerated Patriots but my brother is being laid to rest tomorrow in Idaho so, no can do. I’ll be tuning in when I can and I’ll be there in spirit. I do pray it is a Peaceful Rally, but there is a concert tonight at the WH with Elton John (looks fancy), god I hope they don’t have a kid party afterward and devour them (JK). Listen, just keep on keeping on as they saying goes and let’s keep the ball bouncing now that we have some momentum. You have my full support and prayers. You’re all in my prayers nightly and as I wake in the morning. Love, love and more love, let’s break the house down!!


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