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Joey Gilbert – Dr. Simone Gold is now sitting in a prison cell

Dr. Simone Gold is sitting in a prison cell tonight because the United States is no longer a free nation… “Selections” have consequences.. Our country is being destroyed because the […]

Joey Gilbert – on Dr. Simone Gold with Frontline Flash

Why is a non-violent doctor, lawyer being sentenced to Federal Prison? Why is she being forced to pay a terrible price for peacefully giving a speech on medical freedom? It’s […]

Joey Gilbert – with Robert Beadles… Headed to Court this next week

Joey Gilbert and Robert Beadles talk about going to court next week and how they contested the 2022 Nevada gubernatorial Primary. 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: 👊🏽Donate: 👊🏽Shop: 👊🏽Facebook- […]

Bloody Hill Official Trailer

Bloody Hill – The Seven Abominations of January Sixth

Joey Gilbert – Roger Stone on the Stone Zone

6/29/22 Joey Gilbert Joins Roger Stone on his show “The Stone Zone” Conversation includes Joey talking about the election discrepancies in Nevada as the results for the republican gubernatorial race […]

Juan updates on TEXAS

Short call with Nino on the GOP in TEXAS and if other states will follow them.

Joey Gilbert – No I have not and will not concede until every legal vote is counted.

This is bigger than me and I am not disputing anything more than the PROCESS of how we got here, and are apparently —STILL getting here as more and more […]

Joey Gilbert – Commencement Speech for Graduates

Las Vegas City-Wide Homeschool Graduation 2022 Commencement Speech Joey Gilbert addresses homeschooling Graduates of 2022 in Las Vegas Nevada Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: […]

Joey Gilbert – “A True Leader” Campaign Commercial #2

Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: 👊🏽Donate: 👊🏽Shop: 👊🏽Facebook- 👊🏽 Twitter- 👊🏽 Instagram- 👊🏽 @thepeopleschamp on telegram – […]

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Endorses Joey Gilbert for Governor of Nevada

Ohio physician Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is among several medical freedom proponents endorsing Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert . Dr. Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board-certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and […]

Joe Lombardo – Metro Police Widows Speak out

As Nevadans begin early voting, it’s important to know what kind of leadership, or lack there of, is at the head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; otherwise, known […]

Joey Gilbert – Pre-Debate Forecast on CBS

Pre-Debate Forecast regarding how all the candidates have “magically” adopted my talking points regarding our last in the nation, broken public schools, “No Show” will likely pretend he suddenly is […]

Joey Gilbert – General Michael Flynn “A CALL TO ACTION FOR NEVADANS”

General Michael Flynn recently came to Nevada for the SAVE NEVADA FREEDOM TOUR to Help Joey Gilbert Campaign for Governor. Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: […]

Joey Gilbert – Leigh Dundas Freedom Fighter Nation

Human Rights Lawyer Leigh Dundas – Freedom Fighter Nation will be speaking at the: SAVE NEVADA FREEDOM TOUR Tickets: Las Vegas – Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert […]

Joey Gilbert – I have Been fighting for you for 26 months

Where were these other “I’m going to do this when I get into office” candidates? I have been fighting for you for 26 months. We have much work to do […]

Joey Gilbert – Big Events this weekend in Las Vegas and northern Nevada

Share this please. Save Nevada Freedom Tour this weekend May 21st & 22nd Las Vegas Press Junket Today: Big Events this weekend in Las Vegas and northern Nevada In Gardnerville […]

Joey Gilbert – Reclaim Nevada Festival Speech

Washoe Valley, NV 5/15/21 Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: 👊🏽Donate: 👊🏽Shop: 👊🏽Facebook- 👊🏽 Twitter- 👊🏽 Instagram- 👊🏽 @thepeopleschamp […]

Patriot StreetFighter and “Tipping Point” Host Endorses Nevada Governor Candidate Joey Gilbert

Scott McKay Says Joey Gilbert Will Dismantle the Criminal Power Structure RENO, Nv. – May 10, 2022 – Texas entrepreneur Scott McKay has given a passionate endorsement of Nevada gubernatorial […]


I have the best chance to beat Governor Sisolak because we have the most support statewide from grassroots movements in all 17 counties, including Republicans, independents, moderates, even Democrats and […]

Joey Gilbert – Check this Video out!

Do we not have the best supporters in Nevada in the history of Nv Gubernatorial races? This was exhibited during the Nv Republican Party State Convention when: “We The People” […]

Joey Gilbert – Wayne Allen Root introduces me

Las Vegas Wayne Allen Root introduces me as a Mc to an event featuring speakers: Mindy Robinson Bianca Gracia (Latinos For Trump President) Wayne Allen Root Juan o Savin Get […]

Joey Gilbert – BREAKING!!


Joey Gilbert – Where is Joe Lombardo? 🥊 🥊

We are at the Cinco De Mayo event in Reno and no show Joe does what no show Joe knows how to do. NO SHOW So we at lunch at […]


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